If you heard about the High Performance Handbook by Eric Cressey and you wonder if this fitness program is truly for you then continue reading and find all you must know about the High Performance Handbook before you buy it.

In this High Performance Handbook review you will learn about the main pros and cons of Eric Cressey’s program, discover exactly what you are going to get when purchasing it and above all, understand much better if the High Performance Handbook is the right program for you personally or not.

First of all, in order to understand better what the High Performance Handbook is all about let’s talk about the basics of Eric Cressey’s program…

High Performance Handbook

What Is The High Performance Handbook?


Created by Eric Cressey, a well-known fitness expert with many appearances in major magazines and TV shows, a competitive powerlifter and the owner of the “Cressey Performance” training center that is used by some of the top professional athletes in the world, the High Performance Handbook can be best described as an elite level fitness program that offers high flexibility to the user and can be customized to different fitness levels and various fitness goals.

The main idea behind the High Performance Handbook is to give you a step-by-step program that focuses on performance gain and not only on aesthetic purposes like so many fitness programs on the market these days, and to provide “normal people” the unique opportunity to have access to a high level training system normally limited to professional athletes only.

When we look at the High Performance Handbook there is no doubt that there is one topic that gets more attention than others and this is the high customization level that the program offers. Eric Cressey explains it in simple words and says that while many athletes have the same fitness goals, they all start at different points. He explains that this is exactly the reason why a program customization is critical as it allows every user to maximize the performance and avoid injuries based on his very specific starting point.

The customization process inside the High Performance Handbook involves few steps and in short it goes like this: Firstly you go through self-assessment “test” that will help you to determine your posture, average range of motion and starting fitness level. Next, you are going to choose how many times per week you want to train, 2 times, 3 times, or 4 times. Lastly, you’ll choose the specific fitness goal or goals that you are trying to achieve which include strength, athletic performance and fat loss. After finishing these steps you’ll be presented with a “tailor made program” which is based on analysis of all the choices you just made.

After the customization process you are actually ready to start following the program and at this point you will find the most impressive component of the High Performance Handbook: A huge exercise videos database that contains very detailed and high quality coaching videos that are very different in their style than almost any other training videos that we have seen so far.

In these videos Eric Cressey lets his students perform each one of the workouts while explaining the proper technique and outlining every aspect of correct posture and movement along the way which give you the feeling of having Eric Cressey near you as your own personal trainer throughout the program.

However, the High Performance Handbook is much more than just a fitness program with lots of training videos and in order to understand better if Eric Cressey’s system is really for you listed below is a list of the most important pros and cons of the High Performance Handbook that we believe you should know…

Eric Cressey High Performance Handbook

The Pros And Cons Of The High Performance Handbook


The Pros


  • Elite level fitness program that was created by a real professional trainer which does a great job in simplifying advanced fitness strategies to an easy-to-follow program for the “regular user”.
  • The High Performance Handbook program can be used for several fitness and performance goals and the focus is not only on fat loss like so many “fitness” programs on the market these days.
  • The level of customization and flexibility that the High Performance Handbook offers is truly unique and we personally didn’t see something similar in any other fitness program until now.
  • The High Performance Handbook program can be followed with or without expensive equipment or gym membership. Eric Cressey takes into account that some individuals may be training in top-of-the-range gyms while other people may simply do all the work in their dorm room and his program was designed to fit both of them.
  • Very practical program which is easier to follow compared to other fitness programs since it makes no assumptions about your fitness expertise and describes each and every concept in simple words.
  • A very comprehensive program that contains lots of training videos, training templates, a detailed main guide and several other high quality bonus eBooks. In addition, you have the option to choose between two different packages: a “silver package” and a “gold package” that contains all the items of the silver package plus complete nutrition guide for those people who want to combine nutrition plan with the High Performance Handbook workout program for optimum results.
  • A program that was recommended by professional sports athletes, famous doctors, leading editors, as well as the Head Strength & Conditioning Coach of the LA Lakers. It is not possible to get so many recommendations if your product is not a top notch one.
  • No matter which package you may choose, the High Performance Handbook comes with 100% money-back guarantee from Eric Cressey that allows every user to try his fitness program for 60 days with no risk.


The Cons


  • Although Eric Cressey included one section inside his main guide for people with “special circumstances”, the High Performance Handbook program is not aimed for people with serious injuries or those who suffer from medical conditions.
  • As with some other fitness programs that we reviewed here before (such as CT-50 and MI40), the High Performance Handbook is available for purchase only in digital version and you will not find it in hard cover, physical edition at stores.
  • The High Performance Handbook costs more than most of the fitness programs online and it may be above the budget of some people.
  • It seems that the support team of the High Performance Handbook program is a bit slow and our two inquiries were responded only after 3-4 days which is a bit disappointing.

Eric Cressey
Should You Get The High Performance Handbook?


The High Performance Handbook by Eric Cressey is for you if:


  • You are looking for elite level fitness system that was developed by a real professional trainer with great reputation.
  • You are looking for a fitness program that can be used to achieve different fitness goals such as fat loss, strength, athletic performance and more.
  • You are looking for a super customized fitness program that offers great flexibility.
  • You are looking for a workout program that you can follow with or without expensive fitness equipment or gym membership.
  • You are looking for a practical program that focuses on true work and not on bunch of theories.
  • You are looking for a fitness program that gives high value to performance gain and not only tries to help you improve your “aesthetic side”.


The High Performance Handbook by Eric Cressey is not for you if:


  • You suffer from serious injuries or special medical conditions.
  • You are looking for one of these general fitness programs that contain some exercises and nutrition advice in order to drop few pounds in the short term.
  • You are on a tight budget.

High Performance Handbook ReviewsOur Verdict

Overall, there is no doubt that the High Performance Handbook by Eric Cressey is one of the most impressive fitness programs available on the market these days and it is as close as we, the “regular people”, can get for having access to elite level fitness program without the need to spend a fortune like professional athletes do.

We personally really like that this program takes you by the hand and explains to you step-by-step what you should do in order to achieve your very own fitness goals. Eric Cressey doesn’t assume that you already familiar with lots of fitness terms and procedures and his program was designed to be as simple to use as possible for everyone. Eric also discussed lots of common issues throughout the main manual of the High Performance Handbook so nothing is left unanswered.

With that said, the High Performance Handbook is not for everyone.

Firstly, this program was not designed for people who suffer from serious injuries or special medical conditions. In addition, this program is not a short term solution to lose fat fast and if you are only trying to drop few pounds as fast as possible then you can find cheaper “general” programs online for this specific goal.

On the other hand, if you are really serious about getting fit, achieving much better performance or even becoming an advanced athletics coach, then the High Performance Handbook is probably the most affordable program that you will find online.

It is true that Eric Cressey‘s program is more expensive compared to many other fitness programs these days, however it is truly a unique program that will give you the feeling of having an elite level personal trainer near you but at much lower price than really hiring one.

Moreover, the 100% money back guarantee from Eric Cressey for 60 days, together with the special discounted price that he offers for both his “silver package” and gold “package” right now make the High Performance Handbook affordable than ever and allow you to try this elite level fitness program with no risk at all!

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We hope that our High Performance Handbook review was helpful for you. Feel free to get in touch if you have any additional questions on Eric Cressey’s program and we will try to help…

P.S. below is also one great video from Eric Cressey about mobility and breathing techniques, check it out if you have some time and want to see Eric in action…

Take care and all the best!