If you heard about CT-50 by Tyler Bramlett and you wonder if this workout program is really for you then you’re in the right place.

In this CT-50 review you’ll find exactly what the CT-50 program is all about, what you will get when buying it, what are the main advantages and disadvantages of Tyler Bramlett’s system and most important, you will understand much better if CT-50 is really the right pick for you and for you only.

Don’t believe to all of these “CT-50 reviews” online which promise you things like “100% guaranteed results, no matter who you are and what your current shape is”, it is simply far from the truth.

Like any other workout program, CT-50 has its pros and cons and it may be better or worse solution for you based on several factors. If you want to be sure that Tyler Bramlett’s workout system is really the ultimate choice for you, then we will strongly recommend to take a look at our detailed review below and to find out everything you have to know about CT-50 before you purchase it.

Without further ado, let’s start with a short description about the basics of CT-50 and understand better what this workout program is all about…


What Exactly Is CT-50?


Created by Tyler Bramlett, a famous personal trainer and USAW Sports Performance Coach, CT-50 (also known as Cross-Training 50) can be best described as a unique workout program that uses functional movements and body-weight exercises which are based on the “Progressive Movement” concept in order to transform your body naturally and safely.

In simple words, the “Progressive Movement” method is based on the idea that there are 5 fitness levels and the first step in the program is to complete a series of fitness challenges to determine your starting level.

Once you know your level and decide how many times per week you’re going to exercise, you start doing sets of unique workouts which are suitable for your level only. When you finish performing all the required workouts for your level you check your results and see if you’re ready to move on to the next level that contains more advanced movements or if you still need to master the workouts at your current level before moving on.

Unlike most workout programs online these days that focus on long sessions of cardio, high intensity interval training, calorie counting, advanced exercise machines and lots of hours in the gym, the CT-50 program is based on very specific intense workouts which can be done at home using only a few hand weights or other simple equipment.

These workouts should be followed 3 to 5 days a week, based on your own preferences, and overall they should take you only one hour a week in total.

These are the basics of Tyler Bramlett’s program, however CT-50 is much more than just a workout plan and listed below are the main pros and cons of this system that we think you should know:

CT-50 workout program

The Pros And Cons Of CT-50 By Tyler Bramlett


The Pros


Very Flexible Workout Program

One of the best things about the CT-50 workout program is that it automatically adapts to you.

The “Progressive Movement” idea allows almost any male or female to start the program from the right level before moving to the more advanced workouts.

In addition, the fact that you need to invest only about one hour a week, that you can complete the program from your home without special equipment and that you can choose the number of days for exercise are huge advantages, especially if you have busy daily schedule.

Video Library With Step-By-Step Videos

Inside his program Tyler Bramlett included a well-organized and impressive video library that contains step-by-step demonstrations of each exercise inside CT-50. These videos, which can be viewed online or downloaded to your computer or tablet, are high quality ones and they will help you to avoid common mistakes and ensure that you get the best results from each one of them.

Not A Strict Diet Plan

Another thing that we personally like about the CT-50 system is that it doesn’t come with strict and specific meal plans but instead Tyler Bramlett focuses on the types of foods that you need to eat everyday for best results.

This thing can give you some freedom in your diet and it won’t limit you to very specific foods that you must eat in order to enjoy the best results from the CT-50 workout program.

Great Bonus Items

Inside his CT-50 program Tyler Bramlett included some very useful bonus items. Unlike many fitness programs online that come with bonus items that are usually useless and don’t relate to the material of the main guide, the bonus items inside CT-50 offer real value to the user and most of them are high quality ones.

Some of the best examples are the “Super Workout Smoothies” report, the “CT-50 Workout Integration Guide” and the “Workout Score Sheets” that will help you to keep track of your progress.

100% Money Back Guarantee Is Included

The CT-50 main guide, step-by-step videos and all the bonus items that Tyler Bramlett included in his CT-50 program come with 100% real money back guarantee for 60 days.

This kind of money back guarantee actually makes this program completely risk-free and it can also tell about the high confidence level that Tyler Bramlett has in his own product.


The Cons


May Be Too Intense For Some People

As you already know, the workouts inside the CT-50 program take only about one hour a week.

However, we must admit that most of these workouts are not easy and in overall the CT-50 program is more intense than most of the other programs that we reviewed here before.

It’s true that you will start from the right level for you, depending on your current fitness level, however be prepared to work hard in order to get the best results from this program.

Not Available In Physical Format

The CT-50 system is available for sale only online and in digital edition.

From one side, this kind of format has some great advantages such as immediate access to all the material inside the program and no shipping fees. From the other side, you won’t find Tyler Bramlett’s CT-50 program at stores and you can’t order it in hard copy version, even if you prefer this kind of format.


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CT-50 reviewsShould You Get The CT-50 Program?


CT-50 by Tyler Bramlett is for you if:

  • You are looking for a workout program that can fit both men and women in almost any age and shape.
  • You are looking for a very flexible fitness program that can be done at home in only one hour a week.
  • You are looking for a workout program that can be combined with nutrition plan that doesn’t require you to give up on your comfort foods and allows you some freedom in your diet.
  • You are looking for a comprehensive fitness program that combines several guides, dozens of videos and great bonus items in one package.
  • You are looking for a complete workout program that comes with real and full money back guarantee.

CT-50 by Tyler Bramlett is not for you if:

  • You are in extremely bad shape and you are looking for a workout program that contains easy to perform workouts.
  • You are looking for a cheap fitness guide that contains few pages with some workout routines that will help you to drop few pounds in the short term.
  • You think that CT-50 is a “magical pill” and only purchasing this program will allow you to lose fat and transform your body easily.


CT-50 By Tyler BramlettOur Verdict

Overall, there is no doubt that CT-50 by Tyler Bramlett is one of the most impressive and unique workout programs that we have ever seen.

This program really contains everything you need in order to transform your body and get amazing fitness results, and the brilliant “Progressive Movement” idea is something that we personally really like.

In addition, the high flexibility that this program offers in both exercise and nutrition aspects, together with the fact that it can be done at home and take only one hour a week, make the CT-50 system a great choice for busy people.

With that said, we also believe that Tyler Bramlett’s CT-50 workout program is not for everyone.

Many exercises inside this program are more intense compared to exercises that you can find in other programs online (including some exercises inside MI40X) and people with extremely poor fitness level may find them to be too hard. In addition, CT-50 is not a “magic pill” and if you think that this program will help you to get an amazing body fast and without hard work on your part then Tyler Bramlett’s system is probably not for you.

On the flip side, if you are serious enough about your fitness goals and you are looking for effective workout program from a real fitness expert that can really help you to transform your body in only one hour a week then CT-50 is absolutely for you.

Moreover, the 100% money back guarantee that comes with the program, together with the special trial offer that Tyler Bramlett gives for his entire package these days make CT-50 affordable than ever and allows anyone, including you, to try this unique workout program without any risk at all!

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We hope that our CT-50 review was helpful for you. If you have more questions about Tyler Bramlett’s program feel free to shoot us an email and we will try to help if we can.

Have a great week and all the best!

Madison and Riley