July 2016 update:

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3 years were passed since our review of the Carb Back-Loading program was published. During the last several months, we go some complaints about this program and decided to remove our recommendation. You can contact us for more details about the reasons we removed our recommendation, or if you prefer, to check our original review below (which is not that relevant anymore).

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What Is Carb Back-Loading?


Created by John Kiefer, a famous nutrition expert that holds a Masters degree in Physics, Carb Back-Loading can be best described as a complete fat burning program that focuses on SPEED.

This program combines specific diet principles with unique workout techniques that try to make your body a “fat burning machine” in order to lose fat and build lean muscle safely, but as quickly as possible.

The main idea behind Carb Back-Loading is to work on a precise schedule of exercises in the afternoon and then eating loads of carbs at night. In few words, here are the steps that you should follow in order to get the best results from the Carb Back-Loading program:

The first step of the Carb Back-Loading system is an optional one but highly recommended. In this phase you will need to stick to a low carb diet for one week which will improve your body’s level of sensitivity to carbs that will eventually lead to better results in the rest of the program.

After the first optional phase comes the core of the Carb Back-Loading book. Here you will discover how a typical workout day starts and why you should limit your diet to protein and fat food sources at the first part of your day. This limitation will last until your scheduled workout session in the afternoon and once you finish this session you’ll get a post-workout meal which includes protein and carbohydrate food sources.

The next part of your day is one of the main things that separate the Carb Back-Loading diet from other diet programs online. Here, about sixty minutes after the post-workout meal, comes the “carbohydrate free for all” part where all the “guilt food items” are allowed.

Pizzas, Burgers, ice creams and all the other things that you love which are prohibited in most of the fitness programs on the market are possible in this part of the day.

The last thing that is required from you is to monitor your progress with an easy “mirror test” and to make few specific adjustments if needed as described by John Kiefer inside his Carb Back-Loading book.

What Is Included Inside The Carb Back-Loading Package:

  • The “Carb Back-Loading Main eBook” that comes with free lifetime upgrades and contains over 300 pages. Here you will find the exact exercise techniques, meal plans, daily schedules and step-by-step instructions that are required in order to get the very best results from John Kiefer’s Carb Back-Loading system. In addition, you will also find several articles and research studies from medical journals that prove the effectiveness of the methods described by John Kiefer inside his book.
  • The “Exclusive Carb Back-Loading Discussion Forum” (check the pros and cons section below for more info about this forum).

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The Pros And Cons Of Carb Back-Loading


The Pros


Designed For Speed

First of all, Carb Back-Loading is one of the very few fitness programs online these days that were created specifically for speed, which really provides very fast results while still being safe to use.

Complete Fitness Program That Is Based On Scientific Background

Unlike many fitness programs online that only focus on one aspect (workouts or diet) in order to deliver results, Carb Back-Loading offers the user a great combination between diet and workouts in order to deliver the fastest results.

In addition, this program was designed by a guy that holds a Masters degree in Physics so it is no surprise at all to see lots of scientific researches and medical evidences that support John Kiefer’s techniques and give his program more credibility inside the main guide.

User-Friendly And Easy To Follow

Despite all the science and medical evidences, we must admit that the Carb Back-Loading book is written in a user-friendly manner which makes it more easy to follow compared to other guides online.

Guilt foods Are Encouraged

Let’s admit it, most of the people that try to stick to a fat loss program these days usually fail because of the fact that many foods which they like are prohibited completely.
One of the biggest advantages of the Carb Back-Loading diet is that guilt foods are actually encouraged and in most of the days (at the “carbohydrate free for all” part) you can enjoy your favorite foods as you reasonably want.

A “Living Proof” Program

Similar to the Old School New Body system that we reviewed here before, Carb Back-Loading is also a “living proof” program. That means that all the techniques and advice that John Kiefer shares in this book were used and tweaked by John himself in order to give him the truly amazing shape he has now.

We personally really like this kind of programs and prefer them on other programs where you can’t see the actual results on the creator.

The “Exclusive Carb Back-Loading Discussion Forum”

This is one of the best things about the Carb Back-Loading program in our opinion. The “Exclusive Carb Back-Loading Discussion Forum” enables you to communicate with hundreds of other people who use the Carb Back-Loading book and to ask any question you may have in order to get the most out of this program.

We believe that motivation and inspiration are two extremely important elements when it comes to fitness success and the “Exclusive Carb Back-Loading Discussion Forum” was created especially for that.

Great Refund Guarantee

Carb Back-Loading comes with real money back guarantee for 60 days which lets you try John Kiefer’s techniques and fat loss methods without any risk.


The Cons


May Be Too Intense For Some People

As we mentioned before Carb Back-Loading focuses on speed and this program was created for serious people who are looking for fast results.
For this reason many of the workout routines in the program are not easy and some people will probably find the exercises to be too intense for them.

Additional Investment May Be Required

The Carb Back-Loading program requires gym membership or at least basic fitness equipment at home in order to perform some of the exercises. In addition, optional supplements and protein shakes may also be required for people with serious fitness goals.

Few Bonus Items

The Carb Back-Loading main eBook comes together with the “Exclusive Carb Back-Loading Discussion Forum” which is a great addition as we explained before. However, we were expecting to see at least few other bonus items from product in this quality level.

carb backloading john kieferShould You Get The Carb Back-Loading Program?


Carb Back-Loading by John Kiefer is for you if:


  • You are looking for a unique fitness system that can provide very fast results compared to other programs online.
  • You are looking for a fitness program that combines diet plan with workouts in order to lose fat and build lean muscle safely.
  • You are looking for a fitness program that is backed up by scientific researches and medical evidences.
  • You are looking for a fitness program that includes flexible diet plan which allows you to enjoy your favorite foods while still burning fat and building lean muscle.
  • You are looking for a fitness program that comes together with online support which allows you to communicate with many other users in order to get the best results, based on your own fitness goals.
  • You are looking for a “risk free” fitness program that includes full money back guarantee.


Carb Back-Loading by John Kiefer is not for you if:


  • You are not in a good shape and your fitness level is really low. In this case most of the chances are that the workouts inside Carb Back-Loading will be too hard for you.
  • You are looking for one of these fitness programs which come with lots of bonus items such as extra guides, audios and videos.
  • You are looking for a cheap fat loss program that contains only diet plan or several workouts in order to lose few pounds soon.

carb back loading reviewsOur Verdict

Carb Back-Loading by John Kiefer is a very unique program and one of the very few products on the market these days that can really provide fast and effective fitness results safely.

There are some other fitness programs out there which are based on similar concepts as Carb Back-Loading, however none of these programs are so comprehensive, effective and easy to follow such as John Kiefer’s program, and this is why we rated Carb Back-Loading as the best fitness program for people who want to lose fat and build lean muscle fast.

Having said that, we also must admit that Carb Back Loading is not for everyone. People with a very low fitness level or people who are looking for an easy workout program will probably find most of the exercises inside Carb Back-Loading to be too hard for them. In addition, if you are one of these people who think that only purchasing the Carb Back-Loading book will give the desired results then John Kiefer’s product is also not for you.

On the other hand, if you are serious about your fitness goals and you understand that Carb Back-Loading is an intense program that will only work for people who are willing to dedicate real efforts, then this program should be your #1 pick.

This fitness system is based on solid science while covering every aspect of diet and workouts very well, and the great exclusive discussion forum will help you to stay focused and motivated all the way.

Moreover, the full refund guarantee from John Kiefer makes his Carb Back-Loading program completely risk free and together with the great limited time price that John offers right now we really don’t think that there is something to lose….

We hope that you have found our Carb Back-Loading review to be helpful for you and we wish you the best!

Madison and Riley